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New Small tribes 3man Wshop x7 cluster has officially launched on 07.07.24. Any suggestions or ideas on wshop, please rdm admin. Good luck all, any issues, please let me know asap. With respect, dyub (Alex)

Новый Смолл Трайбс 3мэн Wshop x7 кластер официально запущен 07.07.24, пишите с любыми предложениями по добавлению дино, китов в вшоп. Всем удачи, при любых проблемах пишите мне. С уважением, Алексей (dyub) 

Also may i remind all that there is a vip option that you can buy in the shop which will give you option to lvlup your dino, imprint your dino, instead of random gender to choose male or female  and ask to paint your dino, plus 15 per cent discount in Wshop on x7 3man, and you get x1.5 points.  All twice per month. All done manually upon request to admin.                                                       Plus VIP holders enjoy 10 per cent discount on all items in the shop


Classic x5 No Wipe

PVP12 x3x5 season 6 months

Epic store friendly

 29.01.24 12maps launch

16.02.24  classic launch


12 maps x5 cluster

No wipes

Epic store friendly

21.01.24 launch

PVE Chillzone 


stacksx3, res return=100%

Server started on release of the game

ARK SE PVP 3-man x7

9 maps small tribes 

wipes every 4 months

Steam only (WS Shop+points)

07.07.24 launch

More to follow

ARK SURVIVAL ASCENDED PVE            (Cluster)

Island x5 + Scorched Earth x5

Cross Ark

 18.05.24 launch

Temp offline due to no demand

More to follow

More to follow

If you encounter any issues, please contact administration